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SYRIUS was formed by Zsolt Baronits in 1962, Budapest, mainly to play Beatlesque beat music. The band profile evolved in 1970 when they started playing progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion, when Jackie Orszaczky (bass, vocal), László Pataki (organ), Mihály Ráduly (saxophone, flute) and András Veszelinov (drums) joined the band. They received a contract in Australia where they recorded their most famous album called 'Devil's Masquerade'. Guitarist Tibor Tátrai joined the band later.

For reasons unknown, they couldn't return to Australia, and some members left the band shortly afterward. The new line-up released a second album 'Széttört álmok'('Broken dreams') in 1976. SYRIUS would disband in 1978, although there was a reunion in the 2000's, which saw their last concert recorded and released in 2001.

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