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Margret Roadknight

Style: Folk & Blues

Acclaimed Folk/Blues singer Margret Roadknight began her career in 1963 around the Jazz-folk clubs of Melbourne. Her soaring voice has been likened to the great blues singers of the past like Bessie Smith. Early inspiration came from the liek of Nina Simone., Odetta and Harry Belafonte. Roadknight was a fine interpreter of songs by other artists. By the early 1970s, she had developed a wide repertoire that incorporated folk ballads, African music, blues, gospel, calypso and jazz material. She became popular at folk festivals, jazz conventions and blues concerts, as well as appearing on television shows. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, RoadKnight appeared on numerous television programmes including Folkmoot, hosted by Leonard Teale, Dave's Place, hosted by the Kingston Trio's Dave Guard, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's national weekly current affairs program, Open-End. RoadKnight's debut album was a live set, People Get Ready (November 1973), which was recorded at Frank Traynor's Folk Club. Her backing band for the night were Ian Clarke on drums and percussion; Martin Doley on guitars and backing vocals; Peter Doley on flute, kazoo, maracas and backing vocals; Peter Howell on bass guitar; and Bob Vinnard on piano, organ and backing vocals.

Margret Roadknight appeared at the Myponga Progressive Music Festival in January 1971. The Move label issued Roadknight's debut album, the live set 'People Get Ready' (recorded at Frank Traynor's folk club), in November 1973.

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