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Billy Thorpe Logo.png

Lineup: Billy Thorpe (Vocals, Guitar), Warren "Pig" Morgan (Piano, Vocals), Kevin Murphy (Drums) & Paul "Sheepdog" Wheeler (bass)

Style: Rock

Billy Thorpe is one of the true legends of Australian rock n' roll. Ever the journeyman rock n' roll chameleon, Thropie evolved from child star, beat pop sensation and cuddly pop crooner to finally emerge as the country's wildest and heaviest blues rocker. By the early 70's, fronting the umpteenth version of his everchanging Aztecs, Thorpie was the unassailable monarch of Australian Rock Music. The Aztecs were the loudest and heaviest blues band of the day and the biggest drawcard in the land. Thorpie's voice became a guttural, ferocious roar. Few groups of the day could hope to match The Aztecs' sheer volume, visceral impact and raw energy. Thorpie and The Aztecs became festival mainstays. The band appeared at Pilgrimage For Pop, held on a farm near Ourimbah, NSW over the Australia day long weekend in January 1970. Followed by an appearance at the Odyssey Pop Festival, Wallacia (NSW) and Myponga in January 1971. They would go on to headline Sunbury the next year and the rest was history!         

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